Lopi Yarn


We are excited to introduce an new addition to our available yarns!
Used to knit the traditional, rugged, Icelandic sweaters known as Lopapeysa, Lopi is made from the loosely twisted fibers of Icelandic sheep wool. The resulting sweaters are bulky, yet surprisingly lightweight and keep the lucky wearer extremely warm while lasting through decades of wear. Lopapeysa typically have a colorwork yoke, and they are worn not only by adults and children of Iceland (in both pullover and cardigan styling) but also are currently featured on fashion runways in top designer shows in Paris and New York.

This yarn has a history that goes back to the early settlement of Iceland. Norse settlers brought sheep with them to the country in the 8th and 9th centuries. The island environment has kept these sheep isolated (and in modern times, legislation has maintained that isolation since crossbreeding with other sheep is illegal), therefore the genetics of this wool are almost unchanged in the last millennia. It is just as durable and hardy as it was 1000 years ago, when a warm sweater wasn’t a thing of fashion but a survival essential.

Lopi yarn is composed of two strands of barely twisted fibers that consist of the long and strong outer fibers and the far finer, warmer undercoat fibers. The magic of the yarn is fully appreciated once the finished product is gently submerged in lukewarm soapy water. With this, according to Clara Parkes of Knitter’s Review, “the fine undercoat fibers relax, stretch out, and fill all the nooks and crannies between the longer outercoat fibers. The result is the yarn equivalent of spraying insulation between the joists of a house. No cold drafts, just excellent warmth all winter.” And the same structure acts to create a remarkably durable fabric.

Icelandic wool has earned an international reputation for warmth, lightness and insulation abilities so that even when wet, it keeps you warm. Town Square Fabric & Yarn is thrilled to bring you this amazing fiber. We have nearly 30 colors for you to play with as you create a piece of handmade knitted art in your own personal style. Even better, our Lopi is priced so a product (or two) of lasting coziness is easily within reach.

What would you make with Lopi?