Kauni Effektgarn

Town Square Fabric & Yarn is pleased to announce the arrival of several skeins of Kauni Effektgarn.

Kauni is a small label out of Denmark. Effekgarn is a light weight yarn of 100% wool, dyed with dyes that are “almost harmless to the environment”. It’s primary feature is a long, slow color change, resulting in lovely gradients in your work and an almost faux-Fair Isle effect. In the photo above, there are 2 skeins in 2 colorways; you can see a hint of the red in the center of the mostly black one, which is the same color code as the skein to the left.

We now have skeins of this yarn in silver/gray/purple, red/black, blue/black, blue/teal/turquoise, and a full spectrum colorway. Fun!

Kauni also produces an annual catalog of knitting patterns, focusing on warm sweaters and accessories. We have a copy of the 2015 catalog for browsing, shopping, and all purpose inspiration.

Stop by the shop soon to see the Effektgarn from Kauni. And start dreaming of something warm and colorful!

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