Manos del Uruguay Maxima and Alegria


Maxima from Manos del Uruguay

Want your yarn (mostly) guilt-free?  Check out Maxima, a fair-trade kettle-dyed extra fine merino from Manos del Uruguay.  This non-profit operates coops throughout Uruguay supporting the work of more than 400 fiber artisans.  By getting these yarns out to market, Manos is bringing socioeconomic opportunities to rural women.  Maxima is a worsted weight yarn and we have it in Meltaway Mints and Ultramarine.

Alegria from Manos del Uruguay

We also just received Alegria, also from Manos del Uruguay.  This superwash merino/polymide blend is a lighter weight than the Maxima.  The colors are hand-painted, Butia on the left and Fondo del Mar on the right.

So, we’ll be seeing you soon, right?  Of course!  Then these delicious things can be yours, all yours!  (Although you could knit a gift.  That would be very generous of you.  The Universe rewards generosity, you know.)