New Arrivals!

  • Linen Produce Bags

    Linen Ilene bag
    Everyone knows yarn comes in wool. And sure, it's not so surprising that it comes in cotton and silk. But linen? Maybe it's just that I'm new to this whole yarn thing (I'm a fabric person first, but I'm falling hard for yarn these days!
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  • Charity Friday, Now for Quilters!

    We recently received a donation of fabric for charity quilts. Could you come help us turn it into quilts? We have lots of room for more knitters and crocheters to come work on hats for Treehouse. Now, all you quilters can join us as well!
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  • You need a zipper pouch, probably two

    Zippy Strippy
    I used to shop for purses with pockets. I hate digging for whatever I need (pen, lip balm, change), especially while people wait for me. And then I went modular. Zipper pouches! I have one for personal essentials and one for emergency snacks.
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  • On Sale: Greens

    Some time last month, mostly on a whim, we completely rearranged the fabric shelves.  With some exceptions (the solids are all still a group, for instance, as are the batiks), the fabric is now grouped by color.
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  • August’s New Arrivals

    Strata Color Regia by Schachenmayr
    In case you missed the flurry of updates to the New Arrivals slider on our front page this month, here's a recap of August's New Arrivals!  Let's star with the yarns.Strata Color Regia by Schachenmayr is a wool/polyamide blend sock yarn from Germany.
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  • Beginning Sewing, for Newbies or the Out-Of-Practice

    learn to use a sewing machine
    Do you admire pretty fabrics? Handmade décor, custom pillows or quilts? How about one-of-a-kind bags or fashion items?  Wish you could get in on the fun? But maybe you're nervous about the sewing machine (so many parts!
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  • A Perfect Learn-to-Quilt Quilt!

    Quilt for September class
    If you ever wished you could do something - anything! - with all the luscious fabrics in our shop, this is the class for you! Jan Goranson's 8 hour class (2 sessions, 4 hours each) is a perfect introduction to quilt making.
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  • Upcoming Classes Perfect for Gift-Giving

    Quilt as you go Table Runner
    It's still summer out there, but the calendar says we're nearly looking at the second half of August, and you know what that means. Labor Day will be here before you finish your coffee, the kids will be heading back to school, our days will get slowly shorter.
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  • On Sale: Purples

    Purple on Sale
    Ah, purple. Once upon a time, due to the expensive nature of the dye (to get 1 gram of Tyrian purple dye, you needed to process 9,000 mollusks. Talk about a lot of clams!), purple was once the exclusive provenance of the ruling class.
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  • Show & Tell: Art & Sew Class

    from Kids Art & Sew, 2014
    Our first kids' class may have been small but it was super fun! Participants transferred their custom art to fabric and sewed up a pillow and a simple drawstring bag. Check out these girls and their creations: There's still space in our August kids' class, Kids' Knitting.
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